Hip Hop Troupes

What We Do

The Dance Company Hip Hop Team provides an opportunity for serious dance students to develop technique and skill at a higher level of professionalism. The chance to perform and compete throughout the year provides students with valuable training including the opportunity to enhance their abilities in improvisation, stage presence, and adaptation. Students also build strong friendships and create lasting memories with fellow dancers.


Students are allowed 4 excused absences during the 35-week season. Additional absences must be discussed with the teacher and may result in dismissal from the program. STUDENTS MUST ATTEND ALL EXTRA REHEARSALS AND PERFORMANCES.


Transportation to and from classes, rehearsals, performances, and competitions is the parents’ responsibility.

Dress Code

All dancers must come prepared to Hip Hop Team classes with the following:

  • Hair pulled up and out of face
  • Hip hop shoes (not to be worn outside the studio)
  • For Mon. 7, Thurs. 7:30, Fri, 6:15, Sat. 11, Sat. 12
    • Hip hop tank top (to be purchased from The Dance Company)
    • Black leggings or black shorts
  • For Wed. 7, Wed. 8, Thurs. 8:15, Thurs. 8:45
    • Dance or workout clothes
    • Hip hop shoes
  • NO pajama pants


Each year all Hip Hop Teams attend one competition. Competitions are mandatory. All fees and travel arrangements are the responsibility of the parents. Competition fees are due in January and are non-refundable.

Schedule of Payments

  1. Registration fee and first month’s tuition are due at time of registration. Registration fee and first month’s tuition are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. Costume deposits are due Nov. 1 – $30 per costume
  3. Competition fees are due Jan. 1
  4. Costume balances are due Feb. 1 (If necessary, call Miss Dina for payment arrangements of these balances)

*No bills will be sent unless a payment is late

Media Release

By virtue of entering The Dance Company Hip Hop Team, participants give their permission and consent to the owners and directors of The Dance Company to use their images in photographs, videos, television, or any other electronic media for advertising, news coverage, or any other commercial use.

The Dance Company has the right to make any changes to these rules that they deem necessary.